October 20, 2019

The Twenty-Ninth Sunday in Ordinary Time




The Crucifix of Christ the High Priest is in the home of Elaine Branson this week. There are still some weeks available to reserve the Crucifix. Call the rectory office for information.


 Remember to take a parish bulletin and Pittsburgh Catholic to keep up to date on everything that is happening our parish grouping and the Church.


 The second collection next weekend is for Parish Maintenance.


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 The Book of Remembrance will be in the back of the Church for the month of October. Please write the names of your deceased loved ones and they will be remembered at Mass and in our prayers for the month of November.



Looking for a gift that keeps on giving? Feeling lucky? Why not purchase a daily drawing ticket for $5, which gives you a chance to win daily for an entire month? Winning ticket numbers are based on the evening PA lottery. You can win from $50-$500 and all proceeds benefit our church. Tickets for October and November are available in the rectory office. If you have a special lucky number, we can reserve it for you each month if it is available. Winners cannot be paid unless ENTIRE TICKET STUB IS FILLED OUT LEGIBLY. Winners will only be paid out for current month.



What is Parish Share? As a Church, our vision must be broader than just our parish of St. Rosalia. The church is the whole people of God. This is what the Parish Share Program is all about. Parishes work together to provide what they’d be unable to provide alone-diocesan school subsidies, care for the elderly, help for the sick and poor, and education for priests.

So what happens if I choose not to participate? Our parish assessment (the amount we MUST pay) to Parish Share is $43,500. On the required date, St. Rosalia parish MUST send that amount to the diocese whether or not we’ve raised that amount in the Parish Share drive. So, if you choose not to donate to the parish share, you do not hurt the diocese or diocesan programs one bit. You do, however, deprive St. Rosalia Parish of funds needed to operate our church, because these funds will have to be used to pay off the Parish Share. (Keep in mind that any moneys collected over our assessed amount will not be taxed/assessed by Parish Share.)

Okay, but what do I get out of Parish Share? Much of the money raised in the Parish Share Drive goes back in direct or indirect money to the parishes. For example:

  1. The Seminary training given to our priests/permanent deacons and the continuing education classes they take are covered by the Parish Share funds.
  2. St. Rosalia Parish pays no fees to borrow videos or other educational materials from the Diocesan Media Center.
  3. The services provided by Catholic Charities are available to all parishioners.
  4. Diocesan staff members who have assisted people in our parish seeking an annulment are partially paid through Parish Share.

These services would not be possible without your Parish Share donation. Also, any money that we receive over the $43,500 goal will stay in our parish and not be assessed by Parish Share.

Well, then, how do I go about making my donation? All pledge cards will be mailed one week prior to Parish Share Sunday which is March 2nd & 3rd. Pledge cards will be filled out at home and dropped off at the rectory or into the collection basket—with or without full or partial payment. Because of a deadline of April 12th, any pledges received after April 7th will not be submitted for recording/billing for another month.The suggested donation for Parish Share is $300.00. This is not really that much if you make a down payment of $100.00 and then 10 monthly payments of $20.00. When you fill out your pledge card, any down payment you make is credited to your pledge. You may also make a pledge without a down payment. You will be billed accordingly starting in May 2019. If you cannot afford the suggested donation, ANY AMOUNT you can pledge will help us meet our goal. And, of course, if you are able to pledge more, please be as generous as possible. Remember-the total assessment for Parish Share is $43,500 and will be paid regardless of the amount of money collected. Thank You!

Please give generously to Parish Share and to St. Rosalia Parish 



Sacramental Records-Older Sacramental Books have been sent to the Diocesan Archives. There are no longer any St. Joachim sacramental records available in the rectory office. Also, Baptismal records for St. Rosalia Parish prior to1981 have also been sent to the Diocesan Archives. The phone number for the Archives is: 412-456-3138 for anyone who would need records in the future.


The State of Pennsylvania has revised its laws on background checks for adults who work or volunteer with young people. One change calls for steps that we have not previously taken. A requirement for FBI criminal clearances (fingerprinting), means that all clergy and employees, along with many volunteers in our parishes and schools, must be fingerprinted. Volunteers who have lived continuously in Pennsylvania for the past ten (10) years, and sign a Volunteer Request for Waiver will be exempted from the fingerprinting requirement.  The waiver form can be found on the diocesan website (www.diopitt.org). Scroll down the page to “essential documents” which will be on the left side of the page, click and find “Disclosure Statement Application for volunteers.pdf.” Print this form, sign, and return to rectory office in a sealed envelope. Copies of this form are also available in the rectory office. Any question, call Jean at the office. THANK YOU!!






Father of Mercy,
as we journey On Mission for The Church Alive!,
endow us with your gifts of
collaboration, courage and compassion.
Help us to fulfill the mission of Jesus and His Church
through vibrant parishes and effective ministries.
Raise up selfless, energetic leaders
to serve the Church in fidelity and with care.
May we, the Church of Pittsburgh
in Allegheny, Beaver, Butler, Greene,
Lawrence and Washington counties,
be sustained and strengthened by your grace.
Help us to learn Jesus, to love Jesus and to live Jesus.
Hear this prayer and grant it through Jesus Christ our Lord,
with the help of our dear Blessed Mother,
under the mantle of her love.



All those involved in a ministry must read the Child Protection Services Law. The information can be found on the diocesan website: www.diopitt.org . Scroll down the left side and click on Essential Documents, scroll down to Reporting of Child Abuse and The Child Protection Services Law of Pennsylvania. Read the document, print page 15, fill out bottom, and return to rectory office. Copies can also be found in the rectory office.


Protecting God’s Children Training Available Online-The Protecting God’s Children training can now be completed online. The link is accessible through our diocesan website (www.diopitt.org). A certificate of completion is to be forwarded to the safe environment coordinator.